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Success Story

Manitowoc & Energiency: an easy energy solution roll-out for global efficiency

Find out how Manitowoc, the world's leading crane manufacturer, improved its energy efficiency thanks to an innovative partnership with Energiency and Actemium. At the Shady Grove plant in Pennsylvania (USA), Manitowoc implemented an advanced energy management system to optimize electricity and gas consumption.


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A success inspired by French factories

In 2021, Manitowoc's French plants in Avermes and Saint-Nizier-sous-Charlieu launched an ambitious project to fully integrate their energy management systems with Energiency and Actemium. The project has resulted in a better understanding of energy consumption, leading to significant energy savings, including an 11% reduction in energy consumption at the Avermes plant.
The success of this initiative in France was so remarkable that it attracted the attention of the Manitowoc plant in Shady Grove, USA. Impressed by the results in Europe, Shady Grove decided to replicate the successful model.

El proyecto Shady Grove con Energiency

  • Improving energy management
  • Real-time data processing
  • Control energy consumption of 100 data streams, in particular electricity and gas
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2025
With support from Actemium INP in the U.S., the Shady Grove facility has connected 50 energy meters to Energiency's energy management platform. This deployment has enabled more accurate and timely assessments of energy performance, resulting in significant energy savings.

The Energiency tool is easy to use and intuitive. Thanks to the personalized platform, we can better calculate the impact of our improvement actions."

Philippe Guillaumin
Maintenance and Methods Manager at Manitowoc France

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Download the full case study to discover how Manitowoc transformed its energy operations with Energiency, inspired by the success of its French plants. Discover how this transatlantic collaboration has led to energy savings and laid the foundation for a more sustainable future.

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Industry sector: Crane and lifting equipment manufacturing

Location: Shady Grove, Pennsylvania, U.S.A

Annual electricity bill before Energiency solution: $240 000

Project start: 2023

Energiency solution: